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Before performing veneers, we employ a technique called a Trial Smile to ensure that our patients achieve their desired smile. This technique eliminates any uncertainty that may arise from undergoing cosmetic dentistry without knowing the final outcome. Essentially, a Trial Smile involves using temporary veneers to provide patients with a preview of what they would look like with permanent veneers. Our goal is to create a look that you love, and once we achieve this, Dr. Creech will replicate the same shape, size, and color into the final porcelain veneers.

What is a Trial Smile?

The trial smile procedure usually lasts between 30 to 45 minutes and can be completed during your initial consultation with our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Creech, at Colonial Heights Dental Group. If you prefer to have your trial smile during your initial consultation, kindly let us know in advance using the contact information provided above.

During the process, Dr. Crech will gently bond a tooth-colored composite material to your teeth, which can be easily removed at a later stage. An impression of your teeth is taken during your initial consultation to aid in the creation of the final veneers. You are welcome to take a picture of your trial smile to show your family, friends, and relatives.

The trial smile is an essential aspect of the dentist’s planning process, as it helps to ensure that your smile makeover is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ideal for your bite. We work diligently to achieve the shape, size, and color that you desire for the final veneers, making the trial smile an integral part of the process.

The Trial Smile Process

The smile transformation process consists of three essential steps that we take to ensure that our patients achieve their desired smile.

  1. The first step involves a trial smile consultation, which involves taking photographs, discussing the patient’s wants and desires, and conducting a scan of their mouth. Patients are required to spend $99 to send the scan to the lab.
  2. During the second step, patients have a second appointment where they receive a rubber stint, which is then filled with acrylic. The new design will be placed on their teeth and will remain there until it is peeled off. During this appointment, we discuss the treatment plan, and patients have an opportunity to review and approve the new design before we proceed to the final step.
  3. The third step is the most exciting part of the process, where patients get to enjoy their gorgeous smile! After the second appointment, we create the final veneers based on the approved design, ensuring that we achieve the desired shape, size, and color. Once the veneers are ready, patients return for a final appointment where we bond the veneers to their teeth, leaving them with a stunning smile transformation that they will love for years to come.

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The Trial Smile Experience