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Is your smile in need of improvement, but a busy schedule, travel plans, or dental anxiety are keeping you from visiting our office for a consultation? We understand and want to help you achieve your ideal smile. That’s why we’ve created a virtual consultation service, enabling our team to assess your needs with just a few details and a couple of photos. After analyzing the information, we’ll present you with options on how our services can transform your smile!

How the process works

  1. Begin by providing some personal information and sharing your smile-related aspirations. Upload one full-face photo and another close-up of your smile, ensuring they are clear and high-quality. Include details about desired changes, pertinent history, and your overall treatment objectives.
  2. A dentist from our team will then create a video response discussing your smile, addressing your inquiries and concerns, and offering potential treatment suggestions.
  3. Once you’ve reviewed our assessment and feedback, feel free to schedule an in-person appointment at our office to continue your smile transformation journey.

Fill out the form below and our team will get back to you with your PERSONALIZED video on our recommendations.

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    The Trial Smile Experience